Creating balance with essential oils

Posted by Andrea Gattringer on

Creating balance with essential oils

We are talking about balance. Because most of us need a little (or a lot) more balance in our daily life.

We are into trying to find balance. At yogandha we even created an essential oil blend dedicated to and named balance. Below you can read about some of our favourite balancing oils and why we chose them to be part of the blend.

How can we create balance with essential oils?

Many essential oils actually have balancing qualities whether for the skin, mind or emotions. Lavender, geranium and palmarosa are some of the most popular balancing oils and used for everything from skin issues to hormonal balance.

You can find lavender essential oil in balance roll-on where it also helps to balance the blend of various other essential oils.

Mystical sensuality

Jasmine is an interesting essential oil when it comes to balance. It has a heady, floral and sensual aroma. It's extremely feminine yet also known as the ‘king of oils’. It has many spiritual connotations yet it is also an aphrodisiac. It’s full of contradictions as its both Yin and Yang. And therefore also very balancing.

It’s an uplifting joyful oil that is also grounding and heady. Its one of the components in balance roll-on as it has the power to balance us deeply - particularly hormonally.

Hormonal balance

The pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland. It's part of how we produce hormones in the body. One of the essential oils that are reported to affect and regulate the pituitary gland is clary sage. It has a very herbal earthy aroma and is another favourite used in balance roll-on

Grounded, light and uplifting

Cypress essential oil is balancing to all of the fluids in the body and is used in Chinese medicine to regulate the blood. At a more subtle level cypress essential oil balances Prana or Chi. It is also thought to be excellent for anyone who is fatigued and burned out. Cypress was an obvious choice for balance roll-on to help combat any stress and exhaustion.

Finding essential oils to create balance for you is a bit like cooking. You add what you need right now, the aroma that just works and makes you feel balanced, joyful, restful, relaxed, invigorated… Whatever you need.

With balance roll-on we have created an oil that is balancing for most people. Adding in just the perfect amount of essential oils to create the right balance. Plus it has an amazing fragrance so you can literally use it as a perfume too.