How to reduce burnout and stress with yoga

Posted by Andrea Gattringer on

How to reduce burnout and stress with yoga

We talk a lot about stress and stress levels. Burnout is now acknowledged as an actual diagnosable condition by the Worlds Health Organisation (WHO). And more and more are suffering as a result of work stress and the pressures of daily life.

Burnout is defined as a syndrome from chronic (workplace) stress that hasn’t been successfully managed according to the WHO. It can manifest as feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion and feelings of negativism or cynicism especially related to work according to the WHO. But we can get burnout and stress overload from relationship issues, if you are a carer or find life overwhelming.

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Work stress can lead to burnout

So how does yoga look at stress and burnout?

In yogic philosophy, there are three fundamental forces of nature: Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. Together they are referred to as the three Gunas. Having an awareness of the Gunas and how we are influenced by them we can start to find harmony and avoid burnout.

We need all three Gunas although in yoga we strive towards cultivating Sattva. Let’s see what this means.

The three Gunas

Sattva is the Truth. We experience Sattva as balance, harmony, virtue and goodness. Sattva cultivates contentment.

Rajas is about change and motivation. It's stimulating and its taking action. As householders and regular people, we need a bit of this stimulation. But too much Rajas equals excess doing rather than being. It can create stress. And being Rajasic can lead to burnout.

Starting to become aware of your Rajasic tendencies and Rajas in your daily life you notice if you are heading towards stress and burnout.

Tamas is the inertia, heaviness, dullness and darkness. We do need a bit too Tamas to rest and sleep. But in excess, it promotes ignorance delusion and unconsciousness. We recognise this as depression, inactivity and feeling low.

Take time to rest

The Gunas and burnout

In our modern life, we seem to value action, doing and busyness. These are Rajasic qualities. Too much Rajas leads to burnout. No wonder burnout is now a diagnosable condition.

Notice when you are caught up in the doing and in busyness. Practise mindfulness so you can catch yourself. Start to cultivate a bit more Sattva in your life. Take time to rest and to breathe. This is what we are aiming to create with Yogandha. You get tips and inspiration through our blog posts, our Wellness Wednesday Facebook Lives and more specifically in the Yogandha Year, our online community.

For a quick mindful moment use Yogandha Ground Rollerball or Yogandha Balance Rollerball. Simply apply to your pulse points and breathe. Let the ritual of applying the oil and inhaling the healing essential oils help you to rejuvenate and find harmony again.