I'm SO grateful to you for telling me why a second order wasn't on your radar, fragrance, eh?

Didn't dig the fragrance? 

I'm sorry!  If you're brave - let me give you 15% off for giving us another chance...

Click here - 15% off is auto-magically applied!

And let me guide you - what kind of fragrances do you like?

Woody? - then you'll like ground or the feel relaxed set

Citrusy & fresh? it's salute roll-on and detox body oils - both in the feel restored pack

Warming and foresty? then muscle soothe

Jasmine, Clary-Sage - feminine (but deep earthy feminine)? then balance or the for her set

Completely relaxing & a little bit lavendery - but much more complex that plain ol' lavender - then it's relax or the feel relaxed set

Hope this helps - just hit reply if you have any questions

Stay well,


ps: discount appears at checkout page - don't worry if you see full price...discount will magically appear at the checkout see the magic happen -

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