Daily self-connection

The key to daily wellbeing is to mentally allow for the fact that we are time-poor and bring wellness rituals and mindful moments into the things we are doing anyway

daily self connection montageStart your day using yogandha wellbeing body oils in the shower or as a body oil. As you apply, feel yourself letting go of the past and gaining clarity for the day. Use whichever oil resonates with your currant headspace – yogandha detox to cleanse; yogandha muscle soothe to ease and soothe; yogandha relax to nourish and calm. Use the mantra on the back of the bottle, or affirm your own intention for the day.

rollerballs usage

Have the 3 yogandha rollerballs on hand all day. yogandha ground to calm; yogandha salute to energise and focus; yogandha balance to recalibrate. Keep them visible on your desk. Keep them in your bag and in your car.

Breathing these sacred herbs will calm you and bring you into the moment. You’ll feel it instantly.

daily self connection - meditation

The ritual of using fragrant substances to induce calming self-connection every day is an ancient yogic practice called Gandha. The benefits for mind and body are deep, rippling out through every aspect of our lives and to those around us.

It works holistically – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.