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our complete range of blended aromatherapy oils

our complete range of blended aromatherapy oils

our complete range of blended aromatherapy oils

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Product description

DESCRIPTION: Now you've got the idea - this is the whole range and it doesn't get better than having all the oils on hand - each for its own benefits, feel-good and depth of character.

With the three roll-on oils you can use to balance your moods so you can energise, chill and re-calibrate as needed (or as told you need by those nearest and dearest!) 

It’s great to keep the three body oils in the shower, then connect with what your body needs each day when choosing which to use. Using these oils in the shower means no more dry skin too - a game-changer!

Founder fact: Sinéad keeps all 3 oils in her shower, plus an extra Yogandha Relax by her bed for night time relaxation. She keeps the roll-ons on her desk, in the car and in her handbag. Each of her children has a Yogandha Muscle Soothe in their rooms for tummy aches and post-football aches respectively.



  • Yogandha Ground - The rich aroma of ethically-sourced sandalwood and frankincense will calm, relax and ground
  • Yogandha Salute - Zesty and uplifting grapefruit and bergamot will uplift, revive and boost the immune system
  • Yogandha Balance – Jasmine, cypress and clary sage to balance mind and body, particularly hormonally


  • Yogandha Muscle Soothe - Warm and foresty tones of ginger and marjoram have a remarkably soothing effect on overworked muscles
  • Yogandha Detox - Refreshing lemongrass and cleansing juniper berry will purify and detox the body and boost lymphatic drainage.
  • Yogandha Relax - Deep and rich lavender and vetiver transport to a place of deep relaxation and calm.


  • Apply roll-on oils to pulse points when needed – temples, neck and wrists
  • Apply Detox all over every morning, including whilst in the shower.
  • Apply Relax all over for an immediate and deep relaxation.
  • Apply Muscle Soothe all over before and after exercise of any kind. Use directly for any kind of pain and discomfort.

CAUTIONS: External use only. Not suitable for pregnancy. Clary sage has been known to exaggerate the effects of alcohol on the body. Black pepper can be sensitising to some skins. Avoid in epilepsy. Rosemary wakes up the brain, avoid using in the evening as it may disturb sleep in some people. Sweet fennel is contraindicated for people with epilepsy and for liver disorders. Juniper berry should be avoided for kidney disorders. This is because these herbs get those organs to work harder & it can help to balance them – but if you already have a disorder of these processing organs, we would only recommend using under supervision. Body oils: 125ml, Roll-on oils: 10ml

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108-DAY RETURN: If for any reason this product is not as you expected, please let us know. We want everything about your Yogandha experience to be relaxing and rewarding, that's why we offer all customers our 108-day return guarantee.

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