Yogandha heading to the nordic yoga games

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

Yogandha heading to the nordic yoga games

After the wonderful launch at the British wheel of yoga last month, we experienced the need to personally connect with other yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and yoga studios. Although gandha - fragrant substances to enhance and deepen yoga practice is a tradition as old as yoga itself - it does feel a little like we are introducing something new.

But the best thing is that when we are explaining to yogis how smell connects with the limbic brain to get you into the zone for yoga and how then that yogic state and the smell form that strong association which will actually bring the yogi back to that state at other times - it is as if we are reminding them of something that they already new.

So onward I go, spreading the word. after spending 10 years trying to get students to bring their weekly class into their every day, I think we've found how they can do that pretty easily. And it's all brain geography - the fact that memory, smell, balance, breath control, are all linked in the limbic brain.

I should really have known that the answer would be in the back brain, shouldn't I?

If you are going to the nordic yoga games (Goteburg, Sweden may 24-26), come and smell and know.

If not, please sign up and I will pop one in the post to you.