Yogandha Ground - Essential Oils for the Mind, Mindfulness & Yoga

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Yogandha Ground - Essential Oils for the Mind, Mindfulness & Yoga

Yogandha Ground was the first of the Yogandha products created. There's a few reasons for this is:

When you ask most people why they come to yoga, they'll give you many reasons and how many stumble in not really knowing? I remember years ago dragging my friend Marcus to a Raja Yoga course. He was interested because he was having trouble with his back. Little did we know, there is no physical movement in Raja Yoga at all! We spent the 6 weeks sitting on a couch.... learning pretty cool meditation techniques - it's the only meditation technique I have learned that keep the eyes open. We got lots out of it - though I don't think Marcus' back did.People find themselves in all kinds of Yoga along all kinds of paths. As a teacher, I felt we were all there for one primary reason - grounding. We feel ourselves rushing through life, if like me, you have more VATA, you may be rushing/floating one foot above the ground... and we instinctivly know we need to settle down back into the earth, allow oursevles to 'land', to be supported, to reconnect.

As you can probably tell from the name, the purpose of Yogandha Ground is exactly for Grounding. And it does just that thanks to the fact that it uses essential oils with herbs that have been used for grounding for 5000 years. Not many people know that essential oils for yoga have been recorded in continuous use since Yogic texts began. So how can a herb help to get you grounded?

Each herb in the blend plays its own magical part. They are essential oils for the mind (but nature and yoga do not divide - they work on every level of the mind, body and spirit).

You can actually feel the herbs in Yogandha calming the mind (and so help with Anxiety too). This might seem impossible, but it really does. In yoga we say that the mind is very hard to control (different sages have said this in colourful ways - if you know of any... please put in the comments below!!).  But the breath is relatively easy to control. And the breath controls the mind. A nice little workaround, eh?

The herbs will work on both the mind and the breath. Sandalwood calms mental chatter and has been used in Yoga for at least 5000 years for this reason. Try it and see! It actually is amazing for calming any kind of irritation - be it physical or mental. Be it at self or others - so it's pretty handy to have around!

Frankincense slows and deepens the breath. It has that pharmacological effect on the body. Cedarwood (the main ingredient in Tibetan incence) clarifies the mind and eases you in to meditation. So these essential oils for have a long tradition of continuous use. Which for me, is enough, but for the skeptics - it's good to know that science backs this up. Smell disrupts the neural transmittors in the brain. They are gonna chill you out - sceptic and believer alike. Here's me talking about Yogandha Ground.