Why do we need to do a belief detox?

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Why do we need to do a belief detox?

We carry around beliefs that we may have never vetted. Beliefs we never even questioned. We simply just accept them as part of our upbringing. These beliefs are perhaps part of our culture, religion, the age we grew up in and how our parents or carers thought. Things and beliefs that were “always like that” in our family, society and community.

Now, this isn’t okay.

We need to question and take responsibility because:

  • We live in an imperfect society. There is too much bigotry. Just like we carry all sorts of genetic material we carry and pass on that bigotry. Even if we are completely unaware of it.
  • We’re striving to live a more conscious life. Well, most of us strive for greater awareness and self-mastery. To be on such a journey we do need a "beliefs stock-take".
  • Beliefs and emotions are stored in the body. They affect our health not just emotionally and mentally but also on a physical level.
  • We have values that may conflict. When we don’t question our beliefs and take stock it is easy to have contradictory values. This can lead to internal angst. Incongruence messes with our heads. Often we are unaware but vetting our beliefs might actually help any underlying anxiety and stress. If you join the Yogandha Year we will do a lot of work on values and moving from incongruence to congruence and harmony.
  • Sabotage our goals. Many of our beliefs are old and outdated. They belong to a child in a completely different situation. They don’t belong to an adult who can set their own goals and visions. Therefore many of our deep values can be completely self-limiting. These are the ones that stop us from growing into our full potential and our authenticity. Again this is something we look at in the Yogandha Year.

Taking stock of our beliefs and values can be confrontational but also extremely rewarding. Detoxing old limiting thoughts will help us grow. That can be scary. Please be compassionate to your self and to whomever or whatever installed those outdated thoughts.

The beliefs detox process

Start by observing your self-talk. What limiting and negative unhelpful thoughts are coming up? Please don’t be judgemental. Sometimes observation is all we need. Acknowledging these thoughts is the first step to let them go.

Use Yogandha Detox Oil in the shower every morning. Squirt some on your hands, rub them together, inhale and use the power of scent as you ask yourself: What do I want to get rid of? What beliefs are no longer serving me?

Make sure you keep watching our Wellness Wednesday on our Facebook Page to learn more about detoxing from limiting beliefs. Remember to read all the details about our Yogandha Year where we support you through the process to wellness using the power of scent (you get the amazing Yogandha products sent directly to your door) and the power of the seasons and nature.

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