Using Gandha and Essential Oils to set Intention

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Using Gandha and Essential Oils to set Intention

I love working with Intention. And I feel that I am just getting started…

In Yoga, we set Intentions to manifest what we want in our class, our year, our lifetimes. They can work like pure magic.

But often we confine working with Intentions to our practice.  I have been guilty of this… The Yogandha Products were formulated through pure Intention. I spent three years sitting cross-legged, meditating and blending on the Intentions/Salkalpa of my yoga students. Three full years of purely working with Intention. But as soon as I put the products out into the world.. well, it was a very new world I was entering..and I forgot all about Intention in my quest to navigate this new terrain.

I was actually reading a business book on Goals, trying to figure out why I have been struggling.. (which I have – I have been trying to set up an ambassador program for 2 years now..and just can’t seem to figure out how to do it!).. when I realised..hey…this Goals business….it’s just Intention, and nobody does that better than us Yogis. So for the past month or so I’ve been working with Intention very deeply – not just in my practice, but to achieve the things I want to achieve for Yogandha – most importantly to bring Gandha back to practice, to show people how easily it can deepen their Yoga practice and bring them back to the Yogic state when they need to. 

clary-sage-300x300 Clary Sage


The last time I worked so deeply with Intention was when I was pregnant with my first child, Milo.  Every day, I would embed…“I am warrior woman, carrying a warrior baby, and when the time comes, I will open up like a lotus flower” Milo was made in India, born in a B&B in Africa and it wasn’t exactly a bed of roses, but I could feel the strength that my Intention (and my blessed Clary Sage) gave me.


Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you what I have learned and I hope to mix Yoga speak WITH ‘work’ speak for 2 reasons:

  1. So that Yogis can see how their Yoga practice can infiltrate their working lives so beautifully.  Our main Intention here at Yogandha is to help bring practice into your every single day and help Yogis see that Goals are just Intentions without the yoga pants. And when it comes to setting their work/career/financial Goals – bringing the full force of their mindful practice to bear will reap much deeper rewards with much less effort.
  2. So that non-Yogis can get a sense of how groovey yoga really is. It’s about a lot more than just throwing shapes!


Next week I am going to talk about intentions related to clearing and letting go. It’s the only way forward! The essential oils I use for this purpose I’ll talk about next week – but the Yogandha Oil I use to fortify intentions related to clearing and letting go is Yogandha Detox.

DETOX €29.95

If you’d like to try – we are going to support your intention by gifting a 3-day supply of Detox patches with every purchase of Yogandha Detox. When you are checking out – leave a comment INTENTION and we will pop in your gift. If you are really ready to get serious – instead, put the intention itself into the comment box. We will write all the intentions up on the board in the office and they’ll become part of our own meditation. Group meditation on your intention. That will super-charge your efforts!


Do join me for the complete series of using Gandha & essential oils for setting Intentions – working with Intention is a guaranteed way to manifest exactly what you need and want into your life.


Over and om,