Unplug. Get addicted to essential oils for the mind & anxiety!

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Unplug. Get addicted to essential oils for the mind & anxiety!

We have hardly begun to realise how technology has impacted the quality of our connectedness.

How ironic is it that it's called 'connected?

Now don't get me wrong - I love Facebook. And I actually don't understand why people give out about it on the basis that it portrays an unrealistic sunniness in people lives (thus making everyone else depressed). First, I'd like to be very clear, that my life is not all festivals and morning raves.

I struggle like everyone else. But Facebook is like postcards (from the edge?) and you don't put bad stuff in postcards. I love seeing the pics of my friends and their shiney happy children and remain quietly confident that it ain't all rosey for anyone.

The problem that I have with social media - is how unconnected we have become. We all have this feeling and snippets of awareness. One of mine is when my boy was brand new and husband came home to find him sitting in a car seat looking at me - me on the laptop. My husband said 'he will know you mainly from your side-profile'. Wee messages like that do register with me... but the problem remains... it's just so addictive!

This feeling is what lead me to finding Chris Flack and the fab crew at Unplug. They provide workshops, retreats and tools to help maintain a healthy relationship with your phone and other 'instruments of isolation' as we call them in our house (we really do). 


One workshop at unplug-4-kids had us being 'outted' by our kids. Chris asked us questions like 'do you have the phone near the dinner table at meal time' where I could semi-confidently stride to the NO side of the room. Next question 'do you keep you phone beside you in bed' where I had to do the walk of shame to the YES camp. Martha_Unplugged_3.jpg

Yogandha Ambassador Dawn Mauricio is an inspiration. Her instagram profile reads: Traveling Mindfulness Yoga + Meditation teacher On retreat and offline September to December 2016📵  And Dawn is a very wise woman - see what she has to say about Yogandha Muscle Soothe here:

Are essential oils as addictive as social media? hmmmm I could live without social media far more easily. They do actually say that Clary Sage might be addictive. But I've never met an addict so can't confirm. (Full disclosure: It is however one of the balancers in Yogandha Balance which is the one I most often gift to my friends, in case I ever forget mine when I go out!). 

Fact is, we all need to unplug - and we need tools to help us with that! Do check out unplug.ie as that'll help, and I am attaching a list of my top 5 essential oils for anxiety (be it caused by social media withdrawal or otherwise!)

Over and Om for now,