Try this simple ritual to simplify your life

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Simplify your Life

If only life was a little easier… Well, it can be. In this blog, you will learn one simple daily ritual to simplify your life.

The first thing is to start to value simplicity. Let’s make our life a little easier by simplifying. Our body and mind likes simplicity and ease. Sometimes this will actually clear the path to go deeper, to expand and find better alignment in life. In fact, this even works in your yoga practise. How can you make your yoga pose a little easier when you are practising? When we create more ease we can find better alignment and sometimes the yoga pose simply falls into place.

So let’s create better alignment, more ease and clearness in your life with this simple ritual to simplify life.

decluttered table


A simple ritual to simplify your life

Every day we will the lighten the energy around one thing. Just one thing a day. Keep it simple.

How do we do this? If its clutter and there is no use for it or it doesn’t spark joy get rid of it. Pass it on to someone else. Give it to a charity. Let it go with gratitude.

As you will do this practice daily find a beautiful basket specifically for the things you declutter. A charity box. Keep the charity box in a designated place. Make it part of the furniture by placing it where it looks nice - like a specific shelf.

Where do we start?

Perhaps you have several handbags or other identical items. You probably don't need all of them, maybe you really just need one handbag instead of three or ten! Let one (or several of them) go. Place it with thanks and gratitude into the charity box.

Another way is to choose an area such as the cutlery drawer. Just one drawer a day. One shelf or one box at the time. Simplify the ritual by just doing one thing at the time.

Simplifying your life through declutteringDecluttering to reduce stress

Stress release with simplicity

Clutter creates stress. It raises the stress hormone cortisol for completely unnecessary reasons. If we can eliminate clutter to reduce stress that can be life-changing. We can breathe, find ease and we start to create alignment in our lives again. Getting rid of the clutter = getting rid of cortisol and stress. Simple!

Why declutter every day?

We highly recommend making this a daily ritual. Pick one specific time every day and find your drawer or items you want to simplify. Maybe after dinner or before bed.

Doing this simple ritual daily gives a strong and super positive message to our subconscious mind. It’s a positive signal of being on top of our game and its measurable. Every day we create less clutter, more ease and better alignment in our life.

So this is our one simple wellbeing ritual to simplify your life. Please share what you are clearing out in this daily simplicity ritual.



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