Re-introducing Gandha at the Om Yoga Show

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Re-introducing Gandha at the Om Yoga Show

The countdown has begun for the Om yoga Show London, it takes place at the stunning Alexandra Palace from the 23rd - 25th October. We can't wait to immerse ourselves in a truly yogic weekend!




Yogandha founder, Sinead Duffy, will be at stand E03 offering product demos, free samples and one on ones on how you can enhance your practice with Gandha.

We'll also have some of our oils being used to complement selected workshops throughout the weekend - we'll be sharing which ones over our social media pages in the next few days.

 How does Gandha work?

Gandha is Sanskrit for fragrance and the use of fragrant substances in yogic ritual.

In yoga we seek to quiet the mind & connect with the more meditative back brain. All of our sense pass through the front brain, bar one - the sense of smell. It directly accesses the meditative back-brain, the part we try to access in yoga. This is why fragrance has been used in every major meditative tradition.


Limbic Brain & aromatherapy


Smell re-creates bodily feelings - if you use our Gandha products before or after your class, the brain will associate that fragrance with the yogic state & it will bring you back to that state at other times.

Smells bring us back - not just in our head, but physiologically.

How to use Yogandha with yoga

Use our rollerball oils before practice or after asana before savasana. Keep it on your desk or in your handbag to re-apply when needed for grounding, uplifting or balancing. It's basic mood management while bringing the mindfulness of your practice into your everyday.

all 3 yogandha rollerballs on white €51.95 £42.95

Yogandha Ground - Ethically sourced sandalwood & mindful frankincense calms, relaxes & grounds

Mantra: apanam dhehi: may the downward moving energy be nourished.

Yogandha Balance - Divine jasmine & refreshing cypress balances on every level (fluids, hormones, prana)

Mantra: vyanam dhehi: may the circulating energy be nourished

Yogandha Salute - Zesty grapefruit & uplifting bergamot energises mind & body.

Mantra: pranam dhehi: may the upward moving energy be nourished


Use our body oils on your temples for final relaxation. They can also be used in the shower/bath or post shower/bath as an all over body oil or massage oil.


Yogandha Muscle Soothe. Detox and Relax
                                     Yogandha Muscle Soothe. Detox and Relax


Yogandha Relax - Rich lavender & grounding vetiver to induce a deeply restful state for savasana

Yogandha Muscle Soothe - Warm, foresty tones of ginger & marjoram relieves & revives tired limbs

Yogandha Detox - Refreshing lemongrass & cleansing juniperberry to purify & detox the body and boost lymph drainage


Looking forward to spreading the Gandha word this weekend.

Would love to know if you use any fragrant substances to enhance your practice.