Let's get detoxing

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Let's get detoxing

The body is incredible. It is always trying to seek balance, getting rid of any bacteria or virus. It’s kind of detoxing all on its own. Even the breath: taking in oxygen and exhaling out carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste.

However, in our fast-paced lifestyle, we seem to overload it. We probably don’t always consume the best organic, seasonal food, the purest beverages or lead the most active lifestyle. And then there are the environmental pollutants and toxins too.

So even though our body is extremely efficient it also needs a little help and support.

The seasonal change, as we move into spring, is the perfect time for a detox. Nature and the seasons support this process. So choose an element of detox support that works for you.

Following the cycles and seasons of the year you might be interested in our Yogandha Year. This has been the culmination of a lot of meditation and oil smearing... Fancy the oils falling into perfect alignment with the earth's own wellbeing calendar? Oils being brought to your door step at the perfect seasonal time with extra wellness support? Please check out the Yogandha Year and join us in this magical journey of deep wellness!

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We discussed body brushing in this blog post and in our Facebook Live here. And that can be a wonderful practise to support your detox.

It doesn’t need to be a big heavy intense full body detox. Just choose something that works for you and that you can commit to over the next few weeks.

We love using Yogandha Detox Oil. And that might be all you do. This oil is a perfect complement to any detox and for maintenance.

Why do we love Yogandha Detox Oil?

The essential oils in Yogandha Detox Oil are specifically selected for their supportive detoxing qualities:

Refreshing lemongrass stimulates the kidneys and is thought to help lower cholesterol. Its a tonic for the body and helps our digestion. Its natural myrcene content is an analgesic which is wonderful if you have achy muscles and it can relieve pain.

It has a clear refreshing lemony scent which makes you feel revived and invigorated. In a blend, it is wonderful for balancing acne or oily skin.

Cleansing juniper berries purify and detox the body. In fact, the twigs were burned to clear the air in hospitals and used against the plague in the 15th-16th century. The essential oil is also thought to detox on a more energetic level as well as supporting the nerves.

Sweet Fennel is a great digestive remedy. It invigorates the stomach, spleen and intestines easing nausea flatulence as well as indigestion. This fresh clean aroma is said to bring strength and courage - which is exactly what you need during a detox.

This perfect blend can be used as a daily massage, in the shower or to support any other detox practice you choose. Even put a bit on your dry skin brushing brush.

Digestion and gut wellness = wellbeing

Our digestive system is the key to detox and if you want to really go for a deep detox you can try something like a liver flush. It is full on but an amazing reset. Having Yogandha Detox Oil is such a beautiful complement to the detox process. Its something nice you can do whilst detoxing. Applying it to the body and even bring a smile to your face during a heavy detox.

We know gut wellness is wellbeing so a colon cleanse might also be an option for your detox.

This is the perfect time for a detox. The cycles of the year support your wellbeing if you learn how to listen. This is what we share in the Yogandha Year where you get the oils sent directly to you as well as receiving seasonal wellbeing support. Now is the time for a detox. You only need to do it once or maybe twice a year. The next cycle is around September. Learn more about the Yogandha Year online course and products subscription here.

We will talk all things detox over the next few weeks and would love to hear what you do for detox in the comments below.

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