Lemongrass for detox, digestion and invigoration

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Lemongrass for detox, digestion and invigoration

This zesty strong and clean aromatic grass revives both body and mind. We have chosen it to be part of Yogandha Detox Oil because it has so many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing - including it’s detoxing qualities.

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The actual plant is commonly enjoyed as a tea and used in cooking (you can find lemongrass in many Asian meals). It has a refreshing cooling taste when used as a tea infusion - a perfect complement to drink with a meal. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemongrass is said to be a digestive and spleen tonic. It’s wonderful to stimulate our digestive fire without creating excess heat. And it also helps to digest Ama, an Ayurvedic term for toxins or undigested material. It is used for cramps or wind too.

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The aromatic lemongrass essential oil

The benefits are similar for lemongrass essential oil. You wouldn’t take the essential oil internally but use it externally as we do in Yogandha Detox Oil. The essential oil is also truly aromatic. The power of scent is incredible and simply inhaling an essential oil has both physical and emotional/mental effect.

Lemongrass is often used to revive, energise and invigorate. It has a strong clean zesty aroma. It clears the head, combats fatigue and relieves stress. Something most of us experience, especially if we doing cleanse or starting a new diet. In that way, it is powerful during a detox too.

Detoxing is taxing on the system as well as on the mind. Detoxing from cravings, comfort foods and addictive substances can be a shock to our physical body giving it withdrawal symptoms. Mentally we are also learning new behaviours. Detoxing from the “need” to eat unhealthily and starting a new belief system of deserving more nourishment and better nutrients.

When we change our diet we also change our mental attitude and we start to detox certain emotional beliefs too.

Having support from nature and plant medicine to embrace both processes are so important. Yogandha Detox Oil is there for both: the physical detox and the emotional detox.

Essential oils work through the sense of smell, the olfactory system, and just inhaling the oils will have a physical and emotional response. Applying them to the skin using a base oil will directly affect the skin and penetrate into the bloodstream.

Using Yogandha Detox Oil for your detox (or anytime)

  • Squirt Yogandha Detox Oil onto your hands. Rub them together and inhale. Inhaling essential oils are powerful. So take a deep breath and exhale completely.
  • If you are doing skin brushing add Yogandha Detox Oil onto the brush before use.
  • Massage onto the skin in the shower.
  • Use as a massage oil concentrating on the circular clockwise directions on the abdomen.

As we use Yogandha Detox Oil we literally detox on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We invite you to try it out. Create your own rituals and routines. Or take advantage and join the Yogandha Year where we will guide you through the year using nature, the seasons and Yogandha Oils and Yogandha rollerballs to support your wellbeing. Make sure you get all the details here.

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