How to Shop Ethically?

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Shopping Ethically at yogandha

Shopping is a political act - just as you vote to move toward a world you want to live in, every note is a vote - it shapes your world.

But it's not easy to know how to shop in a way that is in alignment with your ideal world view.

Here's some ideas for how you can shop with a happy conscience, knowing you're future-proofing things for any little people in your life

Buy Pre-Owned

Shop pre-loved

If you have little people (including nieces and nephews) who are below five or above twelve - you might get away with having some presents pre-loved.

Charity shops are absolutely FULL of books, teddys, toys.  If your little people are too small to notice, or big enough to be conscious of the planet that they're inheriting - this might work well. With older kids, if you talk about it together, you might all agree that having EVERYTHING brand new. 

Doing Things With Your Kids

Doing is the new Having

For family and friends - Is it possible to agree to DO instead of GET? For example cook them dinner, walk their dog, give them a massage, mind their kids, come plant bulbs with them - often these things are much more appreciated than physical presents.

Eating with Neighbours

Who are the people in your neighborhood?  

With these lockdowns - you'll know what businesses in your area have been struggling. You might think that your spend doesn't make a big difference - but as a small business, please let me assure you - it makes a huge difference. When you need to buy something in a shop - think if there's a shop in your neighbourhood that can supply it. When shopping online - buy directly from the maker when you can. 


Boycott the baddies

Many companies are known for dodgy practices - from unsustainable fast fashion to how they treat their staff. If it's very cheap, somebody's paying - be it in rising landfills or bad working conditions. Don't buy it. Stay away from the companies that are supporting an unjust and 'disposable' world. 

Carbon Consciousness

Check the mileage

If it's imported from, it has done a lot of mileage. Stay carbon-conscious - most of what you need is created and available closer to home.


Get your safewords

Look for the words to steer you right - cruelty free, vegan, organic, 100% natural, SLS & Parabens free.  Often people buy cheap body products as 'little gifts' - but these are generally so full of nasties - step away from the cheap body products!

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