24-hour Aromatherapy Detox

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24-hour Aromatherapy Detox
Let’s try to detox for just 24 hours to reset and let go of a few of our bad habits. Here are some great tips for you to implement a bit of detox that you can do anywhere and at any time. You don’t need any big preparations just make the decision to do it. Its super easy and you can do it straight away.

This is great to get you out of bad habits and to reset both body and mind. 

Why detox and reset?

Perhaps you got out of the good habit of cooking wholesome meals and started giving in to bad addictive foods, fast food and ready meals. Maybe you started to sneak into the mid-week drinks. Or got into bed late again. Have you become addicted to your phone and social media again?

We don’t say you have to be “perfect” all the time. That’s no fun either. Its all about balance. But we do need to know when we need to stop a bad behaviour or habit.

Let’s start our 24-hour detox:

The detox starts after dinner. And here is what you need to do to reset and get rid of your bad habits.

1. Flight mode - being off-grid

Once you have enjoyed your evening meal allow yourself 30 minutes on social media for the rest of the evening. After that stop checking your emails, Facebook, Twitter etc. Then it’s digital detox. You can even dap on a bit of Yogandha Ground to get grounded.

At 8:30pm put your phone on flight mode. You are now off-grid and ready for detox.

2. Skin cleanse

Start with detoxing the skin. We will scrub, shower and self-massage. Get your salt or sugar out. Pour a good handful into a cup and add some Yogandha Detox Body Oil making it into a nice body scrub.

Get naked and massage it onto your skin. This is excellent for your skin, for cellulite and for lymphatic drainage. Just lie down, relax and chill out for a few moments.

Shower it off or enjoy a relaxing bath. The oils will just mix with the water making it an aromatic experience.

3. Bed binge

Now it’s time to relax and get ready for bed. Use Yogandha Relax body oil to truly wind down and prepare for the best sleep. Massage it into your whole body concentrating on the feet to get grounded.

Get into bed by 9:40pm and switch off the lights at 10pm. Rest, relax and have a proper nights sleep.

4. Morning time

Waking up after your long restful sleep start with oil pulling. Use your organic vegetable oil swirl it in your mouth. You can do some multitasking here. While you do your oil pulling prepare a large glass of warm lemon water. It's a great why to hydrate and start the day.

Then enjoy your practice: Do your meditation, yoga or other practices. Maybe a little walk.

Now you are ready to go about your day.

5. Get moving

Sitting is the new smoking. Get up at least once per hour to get moving. Maybe move your printer on a different floor so you need to move every time you need it. Get hourly water top ups, make some herbal tea, stand up and work. Get some stretching in.

6. Hydrate

A lot of the reason we crave a drink in the evening is simply that we are dehydrated. So make sure you get your water or herbal teas in during the day. Drinking is also often about association so make a clear decision and statement that tonight you aren’t drinking. Create a new association (see point number 8 for a new tea pattern instead).

7. Do you get the 3pm slump?

Today stay biscuit free. Instead, have your Yogandha Salute Roll-on ready. It will brighten up your mood and energy levels. Or instead of two biscuits have just one as well as a dose of Yogandha Salute Roll-on. This is not about deprivation. This is really just about checking in on bad habits and ingrain more wholesome daily habits instead.

8. Re-think your drink

If you are prone to a glass or two of vino in the evening explore other alternatives. There are so many different kinds of herbal teas out there. Go explore and enjoy one that feels and tastes delicious and even like a special indulgence. Enjoy it.

See, it's not so challenging to change a few bad habits and create new wholesome associations. Let us know how you get on with your 24 hours detox! We would love to hear your comments.