Getting grounded and calm with vetiver

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Getting grounded and calm with vetiver

If there ever was one essential oil to completely calm down our nervous system, soothe our emotions and pacify any stress and tension it must be vetiver. Known as the 'oil of tranquillity', it has sedative and calming qualities.

If you are not familiar with vetiver it’s a tall scented grass with a rich white root network. It’s usually found in India, Java and Haiti and is in the botanical same family as lemongrass and citronella. However, the essential oil, derived from the roots, is not like the strong, fresh and sharp aroma of its more familiar cousins. Vetiver has a very deep smoky and earthy scent. Much more similar to sandalwood and patchouli.

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You can find it as a base note with its deeply grounding aroma in Yogandha Ground Rollerball. And vetiver has very grounding qualities indeed. As a nervine and sedative vetiver is indicated if you have a tendency to overthink, overdo, be scattered and away with the fairies. As a sedative, it is perfect if you suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

Taking one deep breath of vetiver essential oil or Yogandha Ground Rollerball and it brings instant calmness. Applying the Yogandha Ground Rollerball onto the wrist and inhaling the scent of this special aromatic blend is a way to soothe an erratic or anxious mind.

Creative aromatic blending

Using vetiver on its own might feel too heavy and indeed it’s often used more synergistically in a blend. Yogandha Ground Rollerball has quite a rich warm and woody aroma. It also includes:

  • Sandalwood to relax and sooth - calming irritations, mental and physical, including the strongest of headaches
  • Frankincense to slow and deepen the breath inducing a feeling of peace
  • This blend also contains Cedarwood, Lavender and Black Pepper and was formulated through 3 years of meditation by yoga teacher, Sinead Duffy, to bring calm into your every day.

Vetiver for meditation, yoga, protection and sleep

Because vetiver really brings you back into your body and back to the earth it’s a brilliant oil to use to enhance your yoga or meditation practise. Many people complain that they can’t meditate or focus in their yoga, chi kung or tai chi practices but using Yogandha Ground Rollerball before the practice with an intention of mindfulness and meditative awareness might just help.

Every Yogandha product has an associated Mantra and the one for Yogandha Ground Rollerball is: Apanam Dhehi. This Mantra really embodies vetiver of getting grounded and nourished. It can be translated as: “may the downward moving energy be nourished”.

Another wonderful way to use vetiver or a blend such as Yogandha Ground Rollerball is to apply the oil to the sole of the feet and gently massage it in. Getting grounded - literally through the feet. This is the perfect bedtime practice to prepare for sleep. If you feel like you take on other peoples energy and need more protection to apply it on your solar plexus.

So whether you feel exhausted and burned-out physically, emotionally or energetically vetiver might be the plant medicine to help restore and recover you again. Bringing you back to earth, re-connect with your physical being, get grounded and calm again.

Learn more about getting grounded in the new year and starting it off with the best possible basis to be able to fulfil those New Years Resolutions in the FREE webinar.

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