Celebrating the winter solstice

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Celebrating the winter solstice

It is time to celebrate. Of course, we have our holiday celebrations, Christmas and new year’s eve. But we are also moving towards lighter and longer days. It may not feel like it. But it’s the time of year when the days are in fact getting longer as we are celebrating the winter solstice.

The root of the word solstice comes from Latin word Solstitium, meaning 'the Sun stands still’. It’s when the sun is at its most southern position from the Earth. And the solstice has been a celebration since our late ancestors.

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In the past when we didn’t have electricity and light pollution this time of year was a poignant transition. Realising that the continuous darker and darker days would finally change and become lighter and longer. This turn was definitely worth a celebration. Certainly, most of Northern Europe had special rituals at this time. And you will still find people flock to Stonehenge for both winter and summer solstices to celebrate this ancient tradition.

But before the light is the darkness. On the 21st of December (check your almanac for your part of the world) we have the darkness for the longest time. It is the day with the fewest daylight hours of the whole year. It is also the official start of winter in the Northern hemisphere. It is the perfect day for contemplation and meditation.

Winter Solstice Ritual

  • Light a candle to honour the light - even in the darkness.
  • Apply aromatic oils to soothe and calm you for your contemplation. We created Yogandha Ground Rollerball specifically for getting grounded and ready to meditate. It contains sandalwood to relax and soothe. Frankincense to slow and deepen the breath and vetiver to root and earth us. All oils for tranquillity and calm. Simply apply on your pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears and eyebrow centre. This is a beautiful woody and earthy blend which is a favourite with many men as well.
  • Calm down your breath. Exhaling to let go and inhaling to invigorate.
  • Write down 5 experiences from the past year that have challenged you.
  • Write down what you have learned from these specific challenging lessons.
  • Make a note of the achievements from the past year. This may include any of the challenging lessons from above.
  • Write down 5 things you are grateful for.
  • Note any heartfelt intentions for the new yearly cycle.
  • Now take a few breaths offering gratitude for the darkness and the past. And take a moment to offer thanks for what is to come, for the light and any intentions you may have.

You can create your own rituals. Even if it just to take a moment to honour the darkness, to reflect on the year that has past. And finally celebrate the light, the sun and the longer days.

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