Fennel, digestion, and smooth skin

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Fennel, digestion, and smooth skin

This wonderful digestive herb is used to enhance the taste of our food, as a digestive tea and even chewed for better digestion and refresh our breath.

The fennel seeds are great to use in our meals as they work wonders for our digestion. It is surely the perfect detox companion. Apparently, herbalist William Cole wrote, “Fennel is much used in drinks and broths for those that are grown fat, to abate their unwellness…” This was in the seventeenth century. The seeds were also used by Roman soldiers. If they didn’t have time to eat on their long marches they would chew fennel seeds instead.

“When from the boughs a savoury odour blown, grateful to appetite, more pleased my sense, than smell of sweetest fennel…”

John Milton, in Paradise Lost

But in medieval times, sweet fennel was used with other herbs as a preventative for evil influences such as witchcraft.

In Ayurveda fennel is thought to support and ignite our digestive fire without provoking the fire element, or Pitta Dosha. It can, therefore, be used for all Ayurvedic constitutions to improve our digestion. It is specifically beneficial for anyone with increased Vata Dosha. This is often manifested as feeling bloated or having too much wind. Fennel is indeed recommended for flatulence.

This is the perfect time for a detox. The cycles of the year support your wellbeing if you learn how to listen. This is what we share in the Yogandha Year where you get the oils sent directly to you as well as receiving seasonal wellbeing support. Now is the time for a detox. Learn more about the Yogandha Year online course and products subscription here.

Our love for fennel and its benefits continues

Sweet fennel essential oil is one of the ingredients in Yogandha Detox Oil because it has so many qualities supporting a detox.

Focusing on the digestive system this oil is the perfect choice for upset digestion, nausea, wind and indigestion. Applying Yogandha Detox Oil in clockwise circles on the abdomen is wonderful when feeling bloated, windy or simply uncomfortable. If you are on a detox this can help the process yet still be soothing.

Sweet fennel is also a diuretic and used for that very reason in detoxes. It is said to be useful in treating cellulite as well as gout and bladder issues.

Aromatic fennel

The aroma of fennel is very clean and fresh. Almost like aniseeds. Just the scent makes one feel more clear and clean. On an emotional level fennel essential oil is said to give strength and courage. Qualities needed when you are going through the process of detoxing and releasing.

Above the lower plants it towers,
The Fennel with its yellow flowers;
And in an earlier age than ours
Was gifted with the wondrous powers
Lost vision to restore.

Longfellow, The Goblet of Life

How to use fennel

Another reason to love fennel is that we can literally use the whole plant. Fennel is actually part of the carrot family and you can use the fennel bulb as a delicious tasting vegetable. It tastes great in a roast, you can pan cook or caramelise it and use it in a slaw. It has, like the rest of the plant, a refreshingly clean aniseed-like taste and aroma.

basket of tomatoes and vegetables
Photographer: Anurag Arora | Source: Unsplash

The young tender leaves from the herb can be used as a garnish or in salads. The plentiful yellow flowers don’t cook well and can be used as edible decoration.

And then, of course, the seeds. The essential oils are steam distilled from the crushed seeds. But the seeds themselves are used in cooking and baking, they can be chewed as well as infused as a tea.

An inexpensive, tasty and delicious herb. Grow it, use it and enjoy the benefits. Get the essential oil to use externally or try the specifically created Yogandha Detox Oil as part of a detox or just to maintain balance.

Learn more about the Yogandha Year online course and products subscription here.

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