Detoxing and decluttering our environment

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Detoxing and decluttering our environment

We want to continue our intention of releasing and letting go. This time our focus is our immediate environment. Our home and more specifically our clutter.

Instead of doing a purge we want to investigate our values and become more in line with our beliefs. For this, we find inspiration from Marie Kondo and her Konmari method. We can almost guarantee that you encountered Marie Kondo or the Konmari method but in case you haven’t here is a brief intro:

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert (yes, that’s right, an expert in organising and decluttering). She wrote the number 1 New York Times best-selling book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and later “Spark Joy”. If you missed out on the books she is now a television success with her Netflix phenomena “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”.

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Decluttering and sparking joy

What we love about her method is her intention, awareness of the environment and her ultimate question: Does it spark joy?

Does it spark joy?

This comes back to our values which we discussed in our previous blogs here and here. Once we know our values it is easier to detox and let go. Once we start to live a more authentic life the inauthentic or toxic experiences will start to disappear.

Exercise to support this detox and decluttering

Start with things that are easier and with less nostalgic connotations. Marie Kondo suggests that you start with your clothes. Get all your clothes out on the bed or floor. Take one item you know you love and just hold it for a moment. Ask the question: Does it spark joy? As we started with one of our favourite items we know the answer is yes. We now know the feeling of joy. Now go through all the different items. If something doesn’t spark joy, it doesn’t match your values and you don’t need it, you let it go. You give gratitude and thanks. Place it in your pile of unwanted clothes that you can bring to the charity shop.

Now you can progress to other parts of your home and your clutter.

The detox and decluttering isn't about punishment or restraint rather about expansiveness and being more authentic.

We clear out the clutter. All the things that do not spark joy. The things we no longer align with or don't match our values and we let them go. The detox and decluttering isn't about punishment or restraint rather about expansiveness and being more authentic.

When we let go of the clutter, the things we don’t align with, we invite more flow into our lives. More of what we actually align with. This doesn’t mean more things or stuff. It means that we can live our lives with authenticity and with our values. It brings more clarity and less distraction.

We like to use Yogandha Detox Oil as part of the process. It contains essential oils supporting a physical detox but the aroma is also part of feeling ready to detox and finding a self-connection on a mental and emotional level. Perhaps start your day by using Yogandha Detox Oil in the shower. Pump out a bit of oil in the shower. Rub your hands. Take a deep inhale and set your intention for the day or for your decluttering. Gently massage on your skin instead of shower gel to both detox and reconnect to your intentions and values.

Now you are ready to declutter and detox!