Detox on all levels with juniper berries

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Detox on all levels with juniper berries

Juniper berry essential oil is perhaps not the most commonly used aromatherapy oil. But it has some incredible properties which are why we use it in Yogandha Detox Oil. To honour this beautiful plant and its vibrant berries we wanted to investigate and share some of its properties.

Juniper berry is grown in abundance in the UK and the rest of Europe and as a beloved plant, it has many names. Its Latin name is Juniperus communis but it is also known as Fairy Circle, Gin Berry, Gorst, Old Field Common Juniper, and Gin plant. (Yes, there are references to gin here!).

These vibrant blue berries are technically not berries but rather the female seed cone of the juniper plant.

The scent and taste are familiar to those who enjoy a gin and tonic as juniper berries are indeed used to give gin its distinctive flavour. But juniper berries have been used for medicinal purposes for many years.

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Juniper berries have a specific affinity with elimination. Its a powerful diuretic meaning it helps the functioning of our kidneys. It supports flushing out excess fluid as well as excess uric acid. This is why these berries have been used for gout, arthritis and kidney stones in herbal medicine.

Used in traditional herbal medicine the bitter taste of juniper berries are thought to help bile flow and increase digestive enzymes. All this will help our digestion and digestive system.

Another benefit is its antioxidant properties. It fights off colds and infections. It is reviving, restorative and protective.

The mental and emotional benefits of juniper berries

Juniper berries are not just cleansing and protecting our physical body. Inhaling the essential oil or enjoying the fragrance of it in a blend such as Yogandha Detox Oil you will also experience its clearing properties on a mental and emotional level. This oil can be beneficial to detox from trauma, negative thoughts, remove obstacles and eliminating suppressed emotions.

Detox on all levels

With essential oils having such powerful qualities we can use them to help heal and support us on all levels. Applying a synergistic massage oil blend like Yogandha Detox Oil on the skin we absorb the essential oils and the properties, it will affect our skin health but also get into our system via the blood circulation. We inhale the essential oils which again will be absorbed through the respiratory system as well as reaching the brain through the olfactory system. Here it affects us on an emotional level but also physically.

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