conscious beauty

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conscious beauty

conscious beauty means choosing products with good-for-you ingredients that help you feel and look your best, without negative side effects for your mind, body or planet.


ayurveda holds that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. vibrant, vital, natural ingredients are what the body craves and thrives on.


however many don’t realize that what we put on our skin doesn’t just stay on the skin, it’s absorbed into our bodies, our blood, our organs and our airways


yogandha roller ball for meditation


a shift towards products that have dual purpose – i.e. make you look great on the outside and well as feel great on the inside is a welcome - and overdue - change and if you’ve been struggling to set up a daily self-care ritual - your skincare routine is a great place to start. 

all yogandha products contain only natural ingredients, ethically-sourced and unaltered in any way. we don’t use artificial fragrances (nature already smells amazing!)



and we don’t use artificial preservatives. our preservative is pure naturally derived and vegan vitamin E. which is of course, incredibly beneficial for the skin


so what preserves our products, also preserves your skin. and that’s the way it should be - though so rarely is!

if you’re looking from more from your beauty regime – here’s a great place to start:

fight cellulite while supporting the liver

how can it make any sense to buy a chemical-laden cellulite product (ahem, clarins fans) when it means you’re asking your body to get busy dealing with those chemicals - diverting it away from processing the toxins that lead to cellulite?

detox not only works to reduce cellulite (something that 80-90% of women experience by the way) but it also stimulates and supports kidney function, (while hydrating the skin, lowering cholesterol levels and is packed with antioxidants


a face oil that promotes a deeper sleep

using a face oil that doesn't contain frankincense is missing a trick. 

It has been used for thousands of years for its skin regenerating properties. relax is so versatile – it will rejuvenate the skin while aiding deeper, more restful sleep, can be used as a bath oil and it’s gentle enough to use on babies/children to help them sleep.

hormone-balancing perfume

one day we women will look back and wonder why we ever sprayed ourselves with chemicals that did nothing to help balance out our hormonal system

jasmine-filled balance makes a wonderful, natural perfume and has an immediate effect on the pituitary gland - balancing the entire hormonal system

we should be asking a lot more of our products - that they serve a multitude of purposes 

that’s the way nature works - it’s our birthright.