5 ways to beat Spring Allergies

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5 ways to beat Spring Allergies

Springtime can be a mixed blessing for some - if you suffer from symptoms of spring allergies - runny nose, watery eyes, sinus pain - it can be no fun at all. So can 100% natural solutions help - when it seems like nature itself is the problem? Absolutely. Here's 5 ways you can get to work on re-balancing the system to deal with those spring time allergies.

1. It all starts with the liver. In Ayurveda, much starts with the liver - and it makes sense as it's the key organ in processing what we take in to our bodies. So even if it feels like your symptoms feel localised far further north in the body, Ayurveda teaches us to deal with respiratory conditions by first cleansing the liver. I will soon be posting a how-to on a liver cleanse, so do stay tuned for that. A deep liver cleanse is really whats needed, there's no getting around it. but if you don't have time - try to treat your liver well - hot lemon water in the morning, massage your core with Yogandha Detox (supports liver function) morning and night, simple yoga twists in your day, lots more water. 

2. Turn the volume down on your other allergens. Many of us are aware of being vaguely sensitive to common elements in our daily diets - dairies, yeast, wheat, gluten - but we just listen to our bodies when it suits us or when there's a crisis. If summertime brings allergies for you - be aware that muscling through with those food sensitivities might not be an option at this time. Going cold turkey on dairy products will most likely help hugely and you might end up liking this 'reduced-mucus-living' - (mother nature's blessings often come as a sharp kick out of your comfort zone, eh?).

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3. Use nature's anti-histamines. Some elements of Gandha (fragrant substances for mind-body wellbeing) have natural anti-histamine qualities. Sandalwood calms all irritations. Lavender and Chamomile Roman are strongly anti-histamine and should be gentle enough to apply neat. Yogandha Salute contains both Rosemary and Ravensara - both of which combat symptoms of springtime allergies. If you know the pressure points or marma points - apply directly there - if not, use your instinct - where does it bring relief to apply gentle pressure? Above the nose, the cheek bones - apply the oil directly there, exhaling deeply. The oils will immediately get to work on soothing the irritated respiratory tract. A steam inhalation is also excellent. Pump 4 squirts of Yogandha Relax (containing the anti-histamine actions of Lavender and Chamomile), towel over the head and breathe deep for immediate relief.

4. Oils inside and out. Introduce omega-3-rich oils into your diet to soothe your inner-world. Flaxseed or fish oils in capsules can help with the inflammation that allergies bring.

5. Use your breath. Just as Ayurveda starts with the liver, Yoga starts with the breath and it's an obvious place to go when it's your respiratory tract that's having no fun. If you know some pranayama - practice daily. If not, ask a yoga teacher to teach you KapalBhati and alternate nostril breathing. Also be aware of how you use your breath in the day - most people over-breathe - sucking in hugely and not exhaling fully. Be like a cleansing sponge - inhale what you need and exhale fully - releasing all and inner-cleansing and letting go.

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Do these five tips and you'll feel a whole lot better. When you do - get started early next year to stop the symptoms coming on. As you go - sniff out some self-awareness. What sets you off? Does exercise help ease the symptoms (you know it does!). Does your yoga practice help? Sometimes hanging your clothes out to dry in the air (such a blessing when the sun comes) actually gets it properly-pollenated and might worsen your symptoms. Try to use this (what feels like a slap round the head from nature) to get some deeper self-knowing. 

Please write below if you have any other tips for fellow sufferers.

Over and Om for now,