Yin Friday

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Yin Yang


Yes, Black Friday is about getting some good deals.

But it’s primarily a big kick-off for the strong commerciality that Christmas has become associated with. A commerciality and buying frenzy that has many you’ll meet stressed to the max.

At Yogandha, we are not having a Black Friday. We are having Yin Friday.

What is Yin? Well, you know the yin-yang symbol? It’s the black in that symbol.

What does the black/Yin in the Yin-Yang represent? It represents a darkness, a quietness, a moving inward.

How nice would it be if Black Friday represented that? We are living in very Yang times – Yang represents the external, the more outwardly strong, a brightness, the more masculine.

And this time of year has become very Yang. It has become focused on the more obvious,  the externals, the more-is-more.  Whether you believe in the spiritual aspects of this season – we can see that it would be of more service to humanity to make it a more Yin time of year – more about turning inward.

So this year – we are having a Yin Friday.

And to allow you to avoid the shops – we are offering free shipping across all our products with CODE: alliscalm until Christmas! Enter code at the checkout to avail of your free shipping. 

We are going to avoid the madness and do some Yin Yoga instead (a very slow and deep Yoga – check out Yogandha Ambassador Andrea Kwiatkowski’s Yin classes on Movement for modern life)

And our products are all about moving inward. So we invite you to do the same. Use Yogandha to have a moments calm. Or a whole bath of calm and massage of calm and a whole holiday of calm. Have a great YinFriday!

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