Party with your demons… The only way to hit those Goals

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Party with your demons… The only way to hit those Goals

The Midas touch

In yoga we work a lot with Intention – with setting the goals for what we want to achieve. Sometimes the Intention we set seems to magically manifest. It can get pretty crazy – the strangest confluence of events happens and EXACTLY what we were asking the universe to throw forth does just that. And we feel kinda magic. The force is strong with us.

My wand is broken


But sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Then we don’t feel so magic and we begin to wonder if we just imagined those other times we seemed to be able to create our own reality much like Sabrina-the-witch. There can be a few reasons why our Intentions don’t happen. Here I’d like to focus on just one – coz it’s a biggie and we ALL do it! We forget to invite the wicked witch to the party…



We set an intention and we focus all our will on manifesting that intention. When doubts arise (the little voice that says ‘I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy’) we make a virtue of pushing it down, turn the rudder back to the positive and stay firmly on that course. What we are missing out on is that intentions are like icebergs. Only 10% is above the surface and in any way visible to us. The vast majority of intention and goal-setting and goal-getting happens in the subconscious mind. And that’s pretty hard to get at – even for folks with a regular meditation practice.

Invite our demons to the party.

Around any goals that isn’t materializing like have some demons. They are there hampering your efforts. If you don’t know about them, they will continue to stand between you and your goal. So invite them in! Get to know them! Then you can expel at will. But you can’t expel if you never meet.

Not many people choose to look at their own demons (look AWAY from them and they won’t bother you is usually what we’re told – this is NOT true!). Fact is, this demon party is going on where we can’t see and can’t control – so we gotta pull them into the light. Own those dudes. Keep the ones you want to party with and DETOX the DEMONS that are total gate-crashers. (eg if u ever open your mouth and your mother comes out – that’s a gate-crashing demon).

Detox those Demons:

In my recent blog the FIVE whys we got down and deep with the reasons why we DO want our goals to happen. And this is crucial for giving our goals more resonance and stickiness.

Now we have to clear that path to that goal – remove the self-saboteur demons by bringing them into the light…

So the exercise is:

  1. Write the goal at the center of a large piece of paper.
  2. Then list all around that goal…..the reasons that you DON’T want this goal to happen.

And part of you right now is thinking – but I REALLY want this goal to happen, every bit of me does! But the truth is – if it’s not happening as easily as other goals… there’s self-sabotaging demons at play….

So go for it! Eg I want a big new house with a big garden. (I do I do I do)

Why do you NOT want a large house with a big garden? Now dig deep to find those demons...might be something like....(note: they don't have to be in any way rational!)

  • My furniture might look weird somewhere else
  • Yikes, the work involved
  • I might have to move away from my friends/family
  • Can I handle the stress of a bigger mortgage?
  • Not sure my vacuum cleaner could handle it.
  • I’d have to get used to a whole new area
  • Where I am is actually OK
  • Ccchhhhhhaaaaaaaannnnge!!!


This is the demon party that goes on under our radars and THIS is why stuff ain’t happening no matter how much positivity you throw at it! Your only hope to attaining that goal is to invite those demons to the party. So get writing.

I always say that Gandha (fragrant rituals) is a back-stage pass to the sub-conscious mind, so herbs will actually help us to get into a deeper mind-space to help us uncover those deeper demons. Apply Sandalwood for a quiet mind. Apply Yogandha Relax to get into a deeper state of consciousness. Apply Yogandha Detox if you know you need a good mental clearing (the juniperberry is amazing for creating the right headspace for this exercise).

So get those demons out onto the glare of a fresh piece of paper. And Detox the gatecrashers. Then get back to being the manifesting god(dess) that you are!

Over and Om