Yoga, Mindfulness, Importance of Smell

Gandha is a meditative ritual. Yogandha will deepen yoga and meditation in two ways

meditation It gets you into the zone – instantly. As every sage has ever said, it’s hard to quiet the thinking mind. The sense of smell bypasses the thinking mind, opening up the meditative back brain. That’s why Yogis have used Gandha (Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Jasmine) for over 5,000 years. Apply Yogandha before every meditative and yogic practice. The more you use it, the more the mind will associate the smell with the meditative state, deepening that neural pathway, working deeper and quicker to get you into the zone.

office meditationIt brings mindfulness into your day. Not only does the sense of smell calm the nervous system and bring us into the present, it’s actually atemporal (has no sense of time, so technically it brings us into the ever present!). This is something we instinctively feel when we say ‘smell brings us back’. While the herbs have the pharmacological power to induce a meditative state, you can underpin this with the associative power of smell. If you use any of the oils in meditation or relaxation, whenever you use them, your body will remember that state – physically. Your body will recreate that state, just through the associative power of smell. It’s like a yogic time portal.