I'm SO grateful to you for telling me why a second order wasn't on your radar

breaking news: We now have 'how-to-use' videos to solve that!  With every purchase - you'll receive a 2 minute video of me explaining how to use it..

Please take this discount as a sorry gift - I hope you'll give us a second chance! You'll get the video this time!

Click here - 15% discount is auto-magically applied!

gifting? - just forward the video, or let us know where to send it

I gotcha

You buying my oils is wonderful - but you USING my oils is the real point!

So I am here to make sure that you find a way to integrate them into your day - to bring you the proper wellness you deserve.


Stay well,


ps the discount appears at checkout page - don't worry if you see full price...discount will magically appear at checkout see the magic happen