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There is a growing appetite for yoga, meditation and mindfulness products in Ireland and Sinéad Duffy of Yogandha – blended aromatherapy oils – is leading the way.

Yogandha aromatherapy oils are specifically designed to link our sense of smell with a sense of relaxation and calm. And while you may associate aromatherapy with massage and diffusers there’s more to the oils than meets the eye and modern variations like roll-ons and body oils allow Yogandha to be part of your daily wellbeing routine. 

Yogandha oils affect our emotions, energise our mood, aid sleep, detox our systems and balance our hormones.

  • Yogandha Detox with Lemongrass and Juniperberry will purify and detox the body
  • Yogandha Relax with Lavender and Vetiver will bring restful and deep sleep
  • Yogandha Ground with Sandalwood and calming Frankincense brings calm if you have a migraine or a headache
  • Yogandha Salute with Grapefruit and Bergamot are great for focus and Balance, with Jasmine and Cypress brings hormonal balance

Stress and anxiety levels in Ireland are at an all-time high – apps like Calm and Headspace are hovering on our top downloaded list – so Sinead hopes Yogandha will work in tandem with your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to help alleviate stress. Sinead says, “Yogandha oils can open up the meditative mind and have an immediate effect on the nervous system. Yogandha supports you to directly access the meditative part of the brain, to instantly support a change in how you feel, think and act.”

Yogandha is introducing four new packs to get you started or help you continue your mindfulness and meditation journey. The packs include oils, a practical introduction on how best to use and a guided meditation. 

Yogandha products aren’t just for yogis or yoga teachers, Sinead wants them to be part of everyone’s daily routine, whether that’s a morning ritual, in the evening before bed or on the go for that instant satisfaction. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries and Sinéad is reviving the ancient tradition. Sinead wants her Yogandha customers to experience the power of aromatherapy every day. Sinead says, “it’s all about creating more moments of deep connection, meditativeness and wellbeing in each day.”


Sinéad plans to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign. She hopes to attract new investment so her startup can meet the demand for her products. Register your interest at  

Notes to Editor

  • Yogandha Bio: Yogandha blended aromatherapy oils are for yoga and daily wellbeing rituals support you to directly access the meditative part of the brain, to instantly support a change in how you feel, think and act – so you can have more moments of deep connection, mindfulness and wellbeing each day. Yogandha’s range of products is sold online and stocked in retailers nationwide including Kilkenny and Avoca. 5% of Yogandha profits go to supporting women’s micro-enterprises in post-conflict areas. Yogandha Founder Sinead Duffy is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher who now teaches internationally on how to use aromatherapy for meditation and yoga. 
      • Sinéad Duffy Bio: Sinéad Duffy completed a degree in Human Rights and for many years worked to improve Human Rights practices in Kenya, Lebanon, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Mozambique. It was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that she did her first ever yoga class. She came home from that first class knowing she wanted to move to India and soon she found herself training at yoga practices Sivananda, Vivekananda, and Vipasana. During Vipasana (ten days of silence with ten and a half hours seated meditation per day) Sinéad first experienced the deep meditative level that sacred herbs like Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh and Cedarwood can have on the subconscious mind. Sinéad spent three years meditating and perfecting the blending of the oils, before setting up Yogandha. Sinéad also gives online webinars which you can tune into from any country in the world, for free. And not forgetting her Human Rights activism 5% of Yogandha’s profits go to supporting women’s micro-enterprises in post-conflict areas.

      • Yogandha’s range of products is sold online
      • Yogandha is stocked in retailers nationwide including Kilkenny and Avoca. 
      • Karmically clean – 100% natural, vegan, in recyclable and post-recycled packaging.
      • Each oil includes a meditative method for use. You’ll be guided through the use, so zero guesswork. 
      • Prices start from €19.95.
      • Can be used directly on the skin.
      • Over one hundred 5 star customer reviews across all our products.


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