Delivery issues? 

I'm so sorry! I wish you could see where we ship from.

A gorgeous post-office in the far south-west corner of beautiful Ireland.

And we always ship within 2 days - no loitering about staring at the fabulous view.

But then it's out of our hands - we rarely ship tracked, as it's much more expensive and we'd have to pass on that cost to the customer (yip, that's you). 

As a sorry - let me give you a discount...

Click here - 15% off is auto-magically applied!

We also cover half the shipping cost ourselves, to keep global shipping affordable.

But the regular postal service can be unpredictable.

We ask you to be patient. Not easy in these Amazon next-day-delivery days. But we're kinda anti-all-that anyway...

We trust in the postal service - but sometimes it takes longer than others. 

It WILL get there. And they're worth waiting for.

Stay well,


p.s. discount appears at checkout page - don't worry if you see full will magically appear at the checkout see the magic happen