I'm SO grateful to you for telling me why a second order wasn't on your radar, benefits, eh?

Didn't feel it? 

hmm - well it's important for you to know that whether you feel it or not - they're working!

If you're open - let me give you a discount for giving us another chance...

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Countless studies have shown that essential oils have a direct impact on the nervous system

They're not synthetic chemicals - which have more noticeable impact

Essential oils work WITH your body

Their key property is to bring you back to homeostasis - equilibrium - your centered self

If you have a moment of stillness when you apply - you WILL feel it - I promise - (if you don't use our 108-day no quibble guarantee!)

I'm here to support you You receive a 'how-to' video and just msg me if you have any questions at all!

Stay well,


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