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Product description

DESCRIPTION: The Yogandha For Him gift set contains our two most masculine scents. Yogandha Ground roll-on oil is very woody and instantly-stress relieving. Yogandha Muscle Soothe body oil does exactly that - we've had incredible feedback (could it be a little bit magic?!)

This set to gift (or self-gift!) contains our Yogandha Ground roll-on oil to instantly calm and Yogandha Muscle Soothe body oil to which has a remarkably soothing effect on our muscles. This combination will allow you to have the handiness of the roll-on oil (take it with you on the go) combined with the depth of the all-over body oil for shower, body, bath.


Yogandha Muscle Soothe

  • Sweet marjoram relieves and revives tired limbs
  • Ginger warms and eases pains. Will also help with digestion, chest complaints and is a heart tonic
  • Petitgrain eases muscles while maintaining tone. Also aids the digestive and nervous systems and brings a state of equilibrium mentally and physically
  • This blend also contains cedarwoodlavender and Vitamin E

Yogandha Ground

  • Mindful sandalwood relaxes and soothes - calming irritations, mental and physical, including the strongest of headaches 
  • Frankincense slows and deepens the breath inducing a feeling of peace
  • Vetiver comes from a deep-rooted Indian grass; plants with deep roots ground and earth us. Known as the 'oil of tranquillity', it has sedative and calming qualities 
  • Also contains cedarwoodlavender and black pepper


Yogandha Muscle Soothe

  • Apply all over before and after exercise of any kind
  • Use directly for any kind of pain and discomfort
  • Can use in the shower in the morning to warm you from the inside-out

Mantra: anamaya dhehi (may my body be nourished)

Yogandha Ground

Apply to temples, neck and wrists when you need instant calm. Will slow the breath and calm body and mind
Chakra: This oil has an affinity with the Muladhara (base) chakra, though the vetiver ensures that it will help balance all the chakras
Mantra: Apanam Dhehi (may the downward moving energy be nourished

CAUTIONS: External use only. Black pepper can be sensitising to some skins. Use within 6 months of opening. 10ml, 125ml

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108-DAY RETURN: If for any reason this product is not as you expected, please let us know. We want everything about your Yogandha experience to be relaxing and rewarding, that's why we offer all customers our 108-day return guarantee. 

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