Healthy Foods To Help You Sleep

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Healthy Foods To Help You Sleep

We love to help you get a better night sleep with essential oils..but there's another set of ingredients we'd like you to consider....

You can imagine have switched off your light, your head is sinking into the fluffy pillow as you wrap the duvet tighter…your eyes flutter shut.  you should be dreaming by now, but sometimes sleep is not all that easy. For our physical and mental wellbeing, getting enough shut eye is essential. We all know the natural ways to help you relax in your space to induce sleep such as making it as cosy as possible, making it dark, getting rid of blue light from electronic equipment etc… but for a lot of people these things wont make a difference… and here is why


Throughout the day you have been eating, whatever you have eaten is going to have an affect on your bodies energy levels and how slow or fast that energy is being released… if you have spent the day rushing around guzzling stimulants like caffeine it will affect how you sleep that night. So if you're having trouble sleeping the best thing to do is to be aware that what you put into your body will have a massive effect on your sleep. Here are some foods that will help you catch them Zzz’s!


Tart cherries are great for helping you sleep as it contains a hormone called melatonin which naturally regulates your body clock! Drink some cherry juice or eat a handful in the evening.


Yes, you read that right! Eating a salad at dinner can help you fall asleep as lettuce contains lactucarium which helps to sedate the mind. For best results make a tea by simmering the leaves and adding some herbs of your choice.



Chickpeas are a great source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is turned into serotonin which is later turned into melatonin… have some hummus with wholemeal pitta as the carbohydrates will speed up this process.


Honey is a great thing to have before bed time or as a substitute for sugar in your tea. The natural sugars from it increase insulin levels slightly allowing tryptophan to enter the brain with ease.


Almonds contain a high amount of magnesium, which is a essential for getting quality sleep. a study by the ‘journal of orthomolecular medicine’ found that people with low magnesium levels where more likely to get a restless sleep and wake up several times during. So, for quality sleep sprinkle almonds on your porridge add to smoothies or eat as a snack throughout the day.

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