Yogandha Summer 'Detox'

Yogandha Summer 'Detox'

We’re in the middle of Summer here in Ireland (even if the weather doesn’t show it) & that can mean festivals, beer gardens, barbecues, holidays and all those other lovely summer happenings. Lots of fun right? But.. it can take its toll on your overall health & wellbeing and as a result leave you feeling lethargic & just not your usual self. Lack of sleep can also have a negative effect & the result of all these things is our internal organs aren’t working at their usual level of efficiency. A detox can be a quite useful tool for those of us who like a party in our free time while making sure we maintain a healthy body and mind.

DETOX €29.95

The skin

Cleansing by drinking detox teas & juices can be effective. However, a lot of people do not realise that the most effective way we can detox is through our biggest organ. That’s right! The skin.

Herb benefits


Yogandha 'Detox' also contains all of the herbs you’ll find in a detox tea. Feeling bloated & retaining water? Organic lemongrass activates & tones every system in the body, lifting the spirits & boosting lymphatic drainage. Overindulged a little? Sweet fennel awakens the mind & is nature’s cure for over-indulgence. Also want to feel good and improve skin tone? Juniperberry clears the head, tightens skin & helps cellulite.

Oil vs. Tea

It is much more effective to absorb these herbs through the skin than it is by drinking in a tea. There is the same strength in as much as 1 drop of peppermint oil as there is in 26 cups of peppermint tea and when these detox herbs are absorbed through the skin they are taken straight into the bloodstream as opposed to going through the stomach. Therefore your body puts the herbs to work detoxing straight away. Furthermore, 'Detox' is ideal to use every day as you are surrounded by things that are toxins to you every day – not just after parties.

How to feel like a million dollars the day after a party:


Pour Yogandha 'Detox' into your bath, sit in the bath and breathe. If you have time when you get out – apply liberally. It’s absorbed right into the skin and helps your kidneys and liver to process as well as all of the magical detoxing benefits mentioned above.

Pick up Yogandha Detox here:

om vajrasattva hum (mantra of purification) 

Detox Contains
~ Juniperberry
~ Bitter orange
~ Clary sage
~ Lemongrass
~ Sweet fennel
~ Patchouli
~ Coconut oil
~ Grapeseed oil
~ Vitamin E oil

All of our products are 100% natural, vegan and hand made in Ireland with no artificial ingredients.

What the bloggers say:

‘Here’s the big beauty one. You know how you can do lymphatic drainage massage on your face to reduce puffiness – around the eyes and jaw? Well this is basically the same thing for your body! This product is packed full of ingredients to encourage lymphatic drainage. You can do your own massage at home for both Beauty and Health results.’

La Belle Mama

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