Yogandha Oils Sizzling for Harvey Nichols event

Harvey Nichols Summer Splurge


Harvey Nichols Summer Splurge 2015 Harvey Nichols Summer Splurge 2015


We're live online & in-store in!

Our Internationally Acclaimed aromatherapy brand has joined luxury retailer Harvey Nichols!

Come and celebrate with us on Thursday the 21st of May in their Knightsbridge & Dundrum stores for the Summer Splurge event.


What's in store for you?

  • You'll get to sample our products formulated for face, body and soul while hearing some top expert tips in detoxifying, de-stressing, mindfulness, relaxation and re-energising
  • Exclusive Summer Splurge treats including a gift with every purchase
  • You'll also receive 15% off all Harvey Nichols beauty products!
  • We'll be in Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge, London and Dundrum, Dublin showcasing the full range available to customers one on one, discussing the very best product choices tailored for individuals to enrich and nourish your daily routines including relaxation, detox, re-energising, de-stress and deep sleep

The Yogandha Range

Experience the genuine feeling of calm and relaxation, balance and positive, uplifting an re-energising power with our unique roller ball oils; Yogandha Ground, Yogandha Balance and Yogandha Salute.

Introduce your skin to the stunning textures of our body oil blends. Experience true relaxation and tranquility, soothe and tone your overworked muscles and purify and detoxify your body while deeply nourishing the skin with our all over body oils; Yogandha Relax, Yogandha Muscle Soothe and Yogandha Detox.

Yogandha - Wellness Oils - Low Res

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