Yogandha launches at the British wheel of yoga congress

About 500 yoga teachers and practitioners gathered in the falling snow at Warwick university last weekend for the British wheel of yoga congress. There were sessions from Friday to Sunday on a huge range of topics - Hatha, the yoga of sound, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Yantra and Mandala.

The market place was very active, with stands providing mats, blocks, clothes & books. and there was a new stand this year - yogandha.

The reaction was fantastic. while no one had heard of gandha before - when we explained that natural substances had been applied topically to the body to enhance the yogic state for thousands of years - they got it instantly. everyone was familiar with the image of the yogi with sandalwood paste smeared on his forehead. our sandalwood product (ground) was the most popular product. yogis kept coming back for a quick fix before sessions!

The stand was really busy at times, and I was very happy to have the help of my dad.  my dad is a retired entrepreneur and has no yoga experience  - though he did practice transcendental meditation for 40 years (and since congress last weekend has started practicing again - thanks again yoga!).  he quickly got up to speed with most of the herbs and their different effects and was well able to explain what the products do to deepen practice.  though it was a lot for him to take in. at one stage I heard him explaining to 2 yogis - 'so you can rub this on your 5th eye' - 'Dad it's your 3rd eye' I shouted over to him - quick as a flash he says 'no, i wear glasses'

Many thanks to all for a wonderful launch!  One of the organizers suggested we might speak at next year's congress, so more gandha & abhyanga next year!



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