Yoga Planet and Vegan World

The Yoga Messe in Vienna this week was the first of its kind in Austria. It was a joint fair – with Vegan World – and that made for a good combination (and some great food!) What we love most about these fairs is meeting new, like minded people and sharing the story of our oils with them. 

3 well balanced women                                                  3 well balanced women

One of our favourite stands was where the lovely Ellen had tops, jewelry and courses on self-connection…everything designed to make you shine. Shining herself, she was the best advertisement!

Beside us was Baghi who we had met at the German yoga expos last year – they have a great selection of yoga gear with some really beautiful meditation cushions.

Opposite us we had the vegan shop Muso Koroni who take their name from  a West African goddess, known as the mother and creator of all things. They had a great selection of vegan products – everything from clothes to cosmetics to shoes and we hope to be stocked in there before Christmas.

On our left we had the Kerala Ayurveda Shop – the most popular Ayurveda shop in Vienna. Kerala’s manager, Lal Karinkada often checked in to see how we were doing and then gave us the best feedback by taking the stock we hadn’t sold for his shop – so already Yogandha products are available in Vienna city! So if you are in Vienna call in to say hi to Lal and check out his great range of authentic Ayurvedic products. We are proud & happy to be among them.


There were are lot of good classes on and it was great to see folks of any one tradition coming to try out a taste of a different kind of yoga. There was also a break dancing display which wasn’t exactly yoga but was pretty impressive.. check out some of that here..

For a first time event, the organizers and sponsors did a great job and we will be back next year for sure.

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