The feminist Wonderbra - Essential oils for the mind

So how does a feminist create a Wonderbra for the mind? Sounds like it might be a joke, but nope, that’s what’s happened...
I created Yogandha oils through 3 years meditation using herbs that have been used in meditation, mindfulness and Yoga ritual for many thousand years.  I sought out and specifically used essential oils for the mind. Because that’s what Yogandha is all about – bringing calm and mindfulness into your every day – into the moment. And it works. So how are essential oils a ‘Wonderbra for the mind’?
Essential oils will have an uplifting affect on the mind. You can count on that. This blend contains rosemary, bergamot and grapefruit, and you're going to feel the zing. Yogandha has been embraced by the beauty industry – and that was a little strange to me – as a yoga and meditation teacher.  For me, beauty is an inside job.
But I do believe that the chasm between those focused on the external and those focused on the internal is lessening – just look at the widespread interest in mindfulness – I believe that this is not just a fad but that people are having the realization that they need these moments of calm self-connectedness in their days if they are truly to enjoy their lives.
I take wisdom where I can get it. And it’s best of all when it comes from unexpected places.
It was at a wayyyyyyy girly festival - The Ultimate Girls Day Out when someone said to me ‘I wonder for how many lifetimes you have been an alchemist’ That kinda blew my mind! So you just never know – except that prejudice never serves.
I am a feminist. The Wonderbra is a feminist anti-symbol. Germaine Greer castigates them in her criticism of the sexualisation of women’s underwear. And I’m with Germaine. But I dig this description because it provides a language that I was having difficulty in finding.  I am still a feminist and will fight sexism in its many forms as long as I live. But clarity is also an ideal I value hugely and I love that this description helps people to ‘get’ what Yogandha does for our minds. 
Yes - it uplifts. But not for anyone else' benefit. This one's all for us, women!

Grab it now!

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