The Essential Oil Guide- Sandalwood

What is sandalwood oil?

Sandalwood oil is one of the oldest and most important natural oils used with gandha today; in fact it is the oldest known material used for its scent, dating back to over 4000 years ago. It is considered sacred in Buddhist and Japanese tradition and is known for being grounding, which is why it has formed a central role in yogic practice. Sandalwood oil comes from the Santalum tree; an evergreen that grows by joining the root system of other trees, which is obviously why it’s known for being grounding.

                                                Sandalwood oil

Our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that passes straight to the limbic brain; the older, more meditative part of the brain - the part we try to connect with in yoga. This is why the use of gandha is so important in and out of practice, it helps us connect with our true nature and brings us back to that state outside of class as smells have the ability to ‘take us back’.

The key beneficial qualities of Sandalwood:

  • It is a natural relaxation agent, especially when massaged into the skin
  • Used in yoga for grounding and uplifting purposes-it allows you to become more present and mindful
  • It has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac as it helps to stimulate and regulate the reproductive system
  • Used on the skin it can sooth sore muscles and help scar tissue to heal and fade
  • It is excellent for skincare-it helps with acne, chapped skin and psoriasis to name a few
  • It has anti-anxiety properties and can be used for insomnia, irritability, agitation and stress


Using sandalwood in recipes:

Sandalwood blends beautifully with so many oils such as rose, jasmine, lemon, chamomile and peppermint. As it has so many healing qualities it’s perfect to use as part of your beauty regime as a face mask, to even skin tone or to heal a nasty bite.


Using oils in recipes
                                    Using oils in recipes

Why not try out some of the recipes below and let us know what you think?

Aromatherapy toner:

1tsp witch hazel, 20 drops sandalwood essential oil, 1 tsp glycerine, 250mls rosewater

Mix all ingredients together in glass bottle. Apply to skin after cleansing with cotton wool.

Apricot rose cream; dry/combination/normal skin:

2tbs almond oil, 2tbs apricot kernel oil, 4gms beeswax, 30mls rosewater, 1/2 tsp borax, 2x 250 IU vitamin E capsules, 10 drops sandalwood oil.

Melt the wax and oils together. Dissolve the borax into the rosewater and slowly add to the wax/oil mixture. Add contents of vitamin E capsules when the mixture is below 50 degrees celsius. Spoon into sterilised jars and cap immediately.

Deodorant lotion:

90mls witch hazel, 1tsp glycerine, 30 drops clary sage oil, 10 drops lavender oil, 10 drops thyme oil, 10 drops patchouli oil, 5 drops sandalwood oil

Blend all the ingredients together in a 125ml bottle. Shake well to mix and leave for four days before using. Shake before use.


Sandalwood oil can be found in our Yogandha product ground.

The nature of herbs in this product will connect with the nature in you and it WILL ground you. Sure, it helps to be energetically aware, but you don't need to be. The product will work on the brain first, then enter the blood stream through the skin.


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