Diy homemade herbal mouth rinse

I have recently undergone the trauma in life known as 'wisdom tooth extraction'...   I wanted to know that I was doing the most I could to get better as fast as I could, and what better way then to use the power of essential oils. Using a mixture of warm water, whiskey and these three magic essential oils  I was on the mend. I used clove, thyme and myrrh.

clove oil

Clove is traditionally used in dentistry preparations and aftercare. it is a natural antiseptic, anti bacterial and antiviral oil. it will help soothe tooth ache, and keep away any pesty infections. 


thyme oil 2

Thyme is a fantastic essential oil for oral health. it helps build up immunity and is  inti-inflamitory it will also eliminate bad breath! yay!




Myrrh is an antiseptic and a soother its been traditionally used for mouth ulcers and as a gift for baby Jesus :)

To make your magic mouth potion,mix half a cup of warm water with a tea spoon of whiskey. If you don't have whiskey you can use a different spirit. The alcohol is only used for allowing the essential oils and the water to mix.

Next add two drops of each essential oil into the mixture while stirring constantly.

Now you have your magic rinse.



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