Benefitting from pacifying sandalwood

Sandalwood is one of the most wonderfully calming scents. The aroma pacifies the nervous system and it is such a beautiful fragrance. In India sandalwood is also named Gandha and Gandha is also translated as fragrance.

Sandalwood is definitely an aroma associated with India where it is used in carvings, furniture, for spiritual and devotional practices and for its healing qualities. It is a valued fragrance in both skin care and the perfume industry too.

We reviewed some more interesting facts and benefits of sandalwood on this blog. Today we want to explore how to use sandalwood in our life.

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Sandalwood in daily life

Of course, you can have a house full of sandalwood furniture and ornamental carvings but there are other ways to integrate the benefits of this tree in your life. One way is using the essential oil extracted from the heartwood of the tree.

Using essential oils have a very quick response as it works through the olfactory system. The sense of smell is directly linked to our brain. Here it will affect our moods and how we feel. It connects to the nervous system as well as the hormonal system. Inhaling an essential oil brings the molecules in contact with our mucosa and therefore the bloodstream. And if you use it topically you benefit from the aroma as well as the application on and through the skin.

If you are feeling anxious, ungrounded or stressed simply inhale the sandalwood essential oil. Using Yogandha Ground Rollerball which includes fragrant sandalwood as well as frankincense on your pulse points and take a deep breathe in and exhale it all out. It helps to ground you and calm you down completely. This blend is perfect for your nervous system. Of course, using touch is also pacifying the nervous system so taking a few moments to massage the oil onto your temples or chest.

We had great feedback from people using Yogandha Ground Rollerball to ease the symptoms of a migraine. Sandalwood works wonders here even if the cause may not be due to the nervous system. Apply the blend on your temples, breathe and relax.

Used in spiritual rituals in India for centuries this oil is perfect for yoga and meditation. In fact, use it for any spiritual practice. Sandalwood is used in many traditions including Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Sufism. The effect and benefits of sandalwood can be enjoyed in any religious or spiritual practice. This may be your non-religious contemplation, taking time to breathe, your Tai Chi, yoga or meditation. Once you get into the routine of using sandalwood or a blend such as Yogandha Ground Rollerball with your meditation or yoga just the smell will get you into the practice. Make the application of the Yogandha Ground Rollerball on your pulse points be part of your practice.

Learn more on how to get grounded in the new year and starting it off with the best possible basis to be able to fulfil those New Years Resolutions in this FREE webinar.

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