5 ways to use Lavender oil to benefit your skin

Skin benefits of Lavender oil


Lavender field
                                                         Lavender field


Lavender oil has grown to be one of my most favourite oils - and not just for it soothing, relaxing benefits that almost everyone is familiar with. Lavender oil has so many amazing yet unknown uses & benefits that I have really only learned about since working at Yogandha.


Lavender oil has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it an amazing natural acne and blemish treatment. Simply dab a few drops on some cotton wool and apply to affected area. I've been using Yogandha Relax as a face oil (particularly before I go to bed) to treat a recent breakout and it has actually worked to clear my skin in about 2 or 3 days!

Eczema/insect bites 
Lavender oil has the ability to relieve itching which makes it a must have oil if you suffer from eczema or an insect bite, applying a few drops can reduce the symptoms by adding moisture to the irritated area.

The anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties play a role again here, lavender oil will heal burns quickly and will also reduce scars caused by them. It can also help to relieve pain. Ever hear of Rene Gattefosse? Considered as the father of aromatherapy, when he received 3rd degree burns in his perfume factory he quickly reached for the first thing he could find which happened to be lavender essential oil, he was amazed at how quickly his burn healed and left very little scaring.

Lavender contains powerful antioxidants that can help to cleanse the skin and protect against the effects of unwanted pollutants - it is one of the few oils that can actually inhibit the growth of skin bacteria.

Lavender has the ability to tone and tighten the skin by boosting circulation and ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen, this keeps cells healthy and boosts their renewal process.

Toner recipe 

    • 100ml boiling water
    • handful of lavender buds

Submerge in water and cover, steep for a few hours. Drain mixture in a clean glass bottle and refrigerate. Apply on a cotton pad and wipe over face after washing each morning or evening.

I let the buds steep for about 2 hours - the water smells amazing afterwards! The best way I find to use it is to apply after cleansing each night, I use Yogandha Relax afterwards as a face oil - welcome deep sleep AND amazing skin!

Have you got any tips on using lavender oil? Have you tried any DIY products using lavender oil or any other essential oils and natural ingredients? I'd love to know.

Yogandha :)

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