4 minute mindfulness shower

The change in season from glorious warm summer days to changeable, cooler and rainier days can bring ill health. This is often the time when we are more susceptible to colds and sore throats. Even feeling a little blue as we say goodbye to summer.

One of the key defences against ill-health is mindfulness – simply more awareness, more presence and more listening to the body. I want to share a simple technique to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. We share many more fantastic ways to ease the transition in our program How to Hibernate

4 minute Mindfulness Shower

Bring some mindfulness into your daily shower. You are there anyway so let’s make it mindful. This is the perfect time to observe how you are feeling - without being judgemental! How is your energy? How was the quality of your sleep if this is your morning shower? How was your day if you enjoy your shower in the evening?

1. Leave all devices outside. No exceptions on this one. The phone is mainly about other people's agendas. And this Mindfulness Shower is fully about yours!

2. Close the door, properly and consciously - exhaling deeply as you do – mentally noting that this is time for YOU. Virginia Woolf says that every woman should have a room of her own. That's not so easy to swing. But for right here, right now - this is yours.

3. Have a lovely soft fluffy towel. Lay it down with awareness. Treat your movements with care and everything you touch with care and proper attendance.

4. Notice the water on the skin, the temperature, the feeling, what part of the body is it hitting. Really feel the touch on your scalp and skin.

5. Use aromatic oils in the shower. You can use Yogandha Muscle Soothe as a sacred talisman – which it is. The key ingredient is Cedarwood, which is the also the main ingredient in Tibetan incense. This will help to open up your meditative mind (while having a transformative effecting on the skin) Squirt one or two pumps onto the palm of your hands in the shower. You can also say an affirmation. Choose your own or use the affirmation that helped create this oil blend - “May I be nourished”.

6. Now rub the oil all over the body. Be aware of every body part as you rub. Be aware if you feel like skipping a part. Connect with each body part in turn. Be aware of any judgement and try to let it go. (The oil can actually be usedright there, under the water – it will pull moisture into your skin AND prevent your natural oils from being stripped so a nice side-effect is incredibly nourished skin. It can even happily replace soap as its strongly anti-bacterial).

You will find that your morning shower ritual will have a ripple effect. Feel free to let things drop away.. to say no to more and to let go.

Mindful bath time

We would love to hear how you get on with this practise. Please share your experience in the comment box.

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