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This 1 morning ritual will super-charge your day’s productivity

This productivity ritual will totally transform your day. Practise it every morning and you will soon experience more focus, awareness and getting closer to your goals. It's quick, easy and will have a massive impact on your productivity levels.

You are going to rewrite your life!

Rewriting your life

Now, this might sound like a big deal. And it can be. But its really about shifting your focus and your energy. Rewriting your life is about setting a goal. Just one. Write it down in your diary every single morning. It's that simple.

Your goal may change over time. Perhaps it's refined, rephrased or perhaps you achieve it and you change it.

We like to work with the seasons and let the seasons inspire and support our goals. So every 3 months or so we might have a new goal. Have a look at our Yogandha Year programme for more inspiration on seasonal support.

This is how to do it

  • Get a journal or notebook and pen ready by your bed so its ready when you wake up
  • Inhale Yogandha Salute to connect with the subconscious mind on change
  • Put pen to paper - before even looking at your phone
  • Rewrite your life by setting a goal
  • Repeat every single morning

Get the most out of your productivity ritual:

The addiction to our phones

Remember we said put pen to paper first thing before anything else. This is so your first thoughts and awareness will be on your goal. On something positive that will make a difference in your life. It also means that everything you do will be inspired by that specific focus.

What often happens is that we spend our first moments in bed scrolling our phone, the news and social media. Generally being bombarded with negativity and pressure to do things differently and making us feel insufficient. Take the phone out of the bedroom and instead start your day with your positive aspirations. It truly will transform how you interact in the day. And yes, you can still get alarm clocks to substitute your phone alarm!

Scent and the subconscious

Scent works on the subconscious, on the mind and physiologically. Inhaling and applying essential oil blends will support your productivity goals. Use Yogandha Salute Rollerball on your pulse points and inhale. It has uplifting citrus oils that will make you feel inspired. Rosemary, another essential oil in Yogandha Salute Rollerball, boosts mood, energy levels and the immune system. It wakes up the mind and helps it to focus.

Writing down your goals

Goals have to be time-bound and measurable. Otherwise, they are simply wishes. Set a date when you want to achieve your goals with an actual achievable amount or number you aim for. Remember your goals can be refined and rephrased.

To have an achievable goal it must align with your visions and values. This is something we discussed in previous blog posts.

Ask yourself how am I going to get to my goal? Then take action.

Have an overarching goal for the season. You might notice you can create mini 2-3 mini-goals to get to your main achievement. We also like to flip the goal into a question. Ask yourself how am I going to get to my goal? Then take action.

Go ahead. Get your journal and pen ready and start your productivity ritual. We want to know how this simple, quick and easy ritual changes your life so please share in the comments.

If you enjoyed this ritual and want to learn more about how the seasons, essential oils and goal setting can support you and your wellbeing join our Yogandha Year programme.

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