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Yogandha heading to the nordic yoga games

After the wonderful launch at the British wheel of yoga last month, we experienced the need to personally connect with other yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and yoga studios. Although gandha - fragrant substances to enhance and deepen yoga practice is a tradition as old as yoga itself - it does feel a little like we are introducing something new. But the best thing is that when we are explaining to yogis how smell connects with the limbic brain to get you into the zone for yoga and how then that yogic state and the smell form that strong association which will actually bring the yogi back to that state at other times - it is as if we are reminding...

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Yogandha launches at the British wheel of yoga congress

About 500 yoga teachers and practitioners gathered in the falling snow at Warwick university last weekend for the British wheel of yoga congress. There were sessions from Friday to Sunday on a huge range of topics - Hatha, the yoga of sound, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Yantra and Mandala. The market place was very active, with stands providing mats, blocks, clothes & books. and there was a new stand this year - yogandha. The reaction was fantastic. while no one had heard of gandha before - when we explained that natural substances had been applied topically to the body to enhance the yogic state for thousands of years - they got it instantly. everyone was familiar with the image of the...

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Yogandha teams up with women for women international

We have teamed up with Women for Women International. we believe that if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem and while we feel that our products in themselves do a whole heap of good (ethically sourced, bring folks back to nature, back to themselves AS nature, fostering self-care that ripples out to society) we will also give 5% of all profits to WfWI. Women for Women International works with socially excluded women in countries where war and conflict have devastated lives and communities. each woman we serve has her own story–some of loved ones murdered, and others of physical and emotional trauma. most have endured a struggle for survival. Women who enroll in their one-year program learn...

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