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Goal-Setting Yoga Style

Align yourself to your true power

TRUTH: You possess more power and potential that you have realised up to this point.

Goals unlock your positive mind, release huge unlocked potential for achieving your Best Self and they align you with the that all the support you need is fully at hand for you. Join our webinar to find out how. 

Without goals, you can drift..and remain unconscious to living an ‘incongruent’ life. With clear goals, you galvanise the forces of the universe to attain them and your own personal Truth.

Let's be fully present in THIS moment.

Let’s fully realise that it doesn’t matter how you’ve lived up to this point, up to this very moment. All the vast well of potential you have is not in the’s not in the’s in one place and one place only – the present moment.

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What are yogi goals and how do they differ from other goals?

Our worlds of work and play are increasingly goal-oriented. But from a Yoga perspective…we’re doing it all wrong.

The way we tend to set our goals springs from the notion of ‘lack’ – the idea that something isn’t quite there yet – something is missing, needs to be changed or fixed for us to reach some better place or indeed become more whole or somehow better.

Most goal-setting is a linear process – we are now away from our goal. We can move towards it. Then we’ll be there. And then all will be fine.

These goals are shaky for three reasons:

  1. They rely on the will of the ego. Will alone can let you down.
  2. They are future-oriented. They often start with the word ‘I will’ Speaking in the future tense turns the subconscious OFF not on. And if the subconscious isn’t on board, nothing will happen.
  3. Because the goal is based on the thinking that we are somehow lacking the perceived need, it reinforces the lack. Not the desired result.

Yogi goals differ deeply from these ‘resolution’ type goals for one key fact - Yoga is based on a monist philosophy – the belief that all is essentially one, that any notion of separation is an illusion. So setting goals in a linear way – ie – There’s the goal over there, I’m over here…let me just get myself over there and I’ll have that goal…will ensure you’ll never get there. Because it’s not over there – it’s right here…you just can’t see it yet…

bearded man doing yoga on meadow next to forest

So from a Yogi perspective, instead what’s needed, is a dropping of the notion of separation from you and the goal. Which in a way is much easier (are we there yet? Well yes actually!) but in a way, for our western mind.. it's harder. It needs a radical change in perspective. And to get busy getting less busy. But it’s do-able and it works.

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