5 ways to use your Yogandha Detox Oil

The amazing thing about all our Yogandha products is that they work on a very physical level through the base oils and the specially created essential oil blends. But essential oils are also working through the olfactory system and the brain. They have an actual mental or emotional effect too.

Our Yogandha Detox Oil contains essential oils to specifically support our kidneys and digestive system. It also has an affinity with the lymphatic system. It's refreshing and invigorating. But these oils are also having an effect on our mind and emotions. Using Yogandha Detox Oil is perfect to not only detox our body but at the same time create the perfect mindset for letting go, cleanse and create healthy habits.

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5 ways you can use your Yogandha Detox oil

1 Instead of a body lotion

Apply directly onto the skin. These oils are formulated to be applied directly on the skin and are wonderful as a cleaner alternative to body lotion. It's as natural as can be: a blend of base oils and essential oils - nothing else.

Squirt out some of your Yogandha Detox Oil and massage it onto your whole body.

The oil blend is perfect to moisture and balance the skin. Coconut oil is rich in many proteins that help to keep skin healthy and rejuvenated internally and externally. Unlike many other oils, it works long after it is applied. Grapeseed oil is an all natural moisturiser rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories – perfect for treating acne and tightening skin. Vitamin E oil promotes healing and is deeply nourishing to the skin.

2 As an actual detox

Yogandha Detox Oil is perfect to use before and after a night out or if you feel you are a bit sluggish. Simply apply before going out to give the liver and kidneys a boost. Concentrate on the abdomen and massage in a clockwise direction to help bowel movements if you are constipated and release any wind.

Yogandha Detox Oil includes:

  • Refreshing lemongrass stimulates the kidneys and is thought to help lower cholesterol.
  • Cleansing juniper berry purifies and detoxes the body.
  • Sweet fennel is a great digestive – so will ease tummies after eating.

3 In the shower

Yes, you can use oil in the shower! The oil will trap the water and pull into the skin to deeply hydrate. And it will refresh and invigorate you at the same time.

4 Dry skin brushing

Squirt out a bit of Yogandha Detox Oil onto your dry skin brush. This way you will enjoy the benefits of dry skin brushing with the added benefits of Yogandha Detox Oil. Both are brilliant for the lymphatic system and to support a detox.

5 Make a body scrub

Make your own detoxing, purifying body scrub which also benefits your lymphatic system. Get out some salt or sugar. Put a big handful into a cup and mix it with your Yogandha Detox Oil. This is such a natural way to exfoliate. No plastic beads just salt or sugar which will dissolve in water once washed off and the nourishing oils and essential oils.

We would love to hear your favourite ways to use your Yogandha Oils. Please share in the comment box below.

While transitioning from winter into spring and also at these first days of spring we are following earth's cycles. Mother Nature is doing her own detox and gets rid of everything old and welcomes everything new at this time to find the strength for everything to come. We at Yogandha are following her example and get to enjoy the full benefits of our Yogandha Year with Detox as our current companion - join us and see for yourself.

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