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Ready to Detox your Mind, Body or Space? Do this FIRST!

  When it comes to any intention – be it a yogic detox or a new commitment to self-care – we need to dig deep into our own motivators if we are to stick with it. In yoga we work with intention and visualisation. Both serve to get the brain and body pulling into reality what our heart and soul desires. It is said that if we can hold any vision in our minds for one whole minute, you can attain it. Bad news is that a minute can feel like a very long time. So I’d like to introduce you to a tool that I highly recommend. It actually doesn’t come from yoga at all – but for me,...

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Discover the power of your Breath for Anxiety Management

You're probably aware by now that there is a connection between our breath and our mental state. If we breathe properly we can literally calm our minds. This is what the kids call a 'life hack' It works like this:  1. The mind is very hard to control  2. If we just bring our attention to the breath its easy to control  3. The breath will control the mind So if you want to calm the mind - using breathing techniques will work. It may feel funny at first if you're new to Yogic breathing techniques - but you will feel the balancing effect on your mind. Let’s use our breath to calm our minds We usually translate this breathing exercise as alternate nostril breathing because we will alternate...

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Can essential oils be anti-viral?

There's been news about what does and doesn't help with Covid-19.  A through hand-washing and social distancing are the best line of defence. Can essential oils supplement these measure? Yes!  Many studies (see below) have shown that certain essential oils can inhibit the growth of a specific virus. Each virus is different - so not all of anti-viral oils are effective against all viruses - and different oils effect the same virus at different stages of its life-cycle and of course. NO tests have been done on Covid-19 - so best policy is to:  a) do what the Health Authorities are telling us and b) use a variety of oils that have been shown to have anti-viral actions throughout your day -...

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