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Spinal Curvature and and the mind-body connection


This week has been very difficult for me and I hope it's ok to share.

I have spinal curvature (scoliosis) - had it for years, and it's never bothered me, thanks to yoga.

I call it my Kundalini spine because its a Lavishly Serpentine S-shape

This week I went to see an orthopedic doctor to get a 'baseline' to see where I'm at...

...and I left pretty traumatised.


Receiving a prognosis of pain, compromised organ-function and breathing pretty terrifying.

I was told that there was no way that me, myself, or I could stop the progression of the curvature.

And that spinal surgery is the recommendation (and that the window on that is closing for me.)

Western medicine is magic in so many ways, but it also truly excels at disempowerment!?


I can't say that I'm ruling surgery out ....

But I believe so deeply in the innate intelligence of the human body.

Yes, my spine took the scenic route.. but surely I can connect with it at a sufficient level through meditation, visualisation and yoga to counteract the effects of ageing and gravity?

The best inspirational quote going around on instagram for my money is the one that reads "your body's power to heal itself is far greater than the medical profession will ever let you believe" 

I believe that. We have to democratize our wellbeing and health - to be more active participants, more empowered, more embodied.  

This is a challenging time for me - But of course every challenge is an opportunity. 

This is an existential pull to explore way more deeply into the mind-body connection.

It's also a call to look to the wisdom of the trees - who know about trunks..and who can, in my experience, can speak more clearly to our bodies than our thinking minds can.


As I say, I'm not ruling out the route of the titanium support rods (visualizing a stick supporting a tomato plant to make it all seem a little less barbaric...)   

But first - Cedarwood-mind-body-downloads, 10x-ing yoga practice, daily full-hour visualisation session....every single morning.... 

So if I'm slow in getting back to emails - you know what I'm up to....and to all those who've ever had a crap diagnosis/prognosis.. I'm with you and sending blessings and above all, health and peace of mind.



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